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Wheel Fix It offers a variety of services to accommodate all your wheel repair needs.




Bent wheels cause vibrations that can lead to damage of your

vehicle's steering, suspension, and tires.


Bent wheels are a hazard to your car, causing vibrations that can induce other problems and can also cause air to leak from your tires.


Replacement factory wheels can be costly up to $1400 for one. We can straighten bent or untrue wheels in shop.


Wheels are bolted to a machine that duplicates the bolt pattern as if it were on your car it is then manually straighten to 0.020 round and gauged to tell trueness.

Some bends can cause your wheels to crack.



Is your wheel cracked, broken, or gouged? We have an aluminum

welding specialist on staff to take care of your wheel.


Cracks or gouges in wheels cause tires to lose air which can be a major hazard when driving. In most cases we can weld these cracks or gouges depending on size of the area.


It is best to bring by cracked or gouged wheels to determine if they are repairable.



Curbed or scratched your wheel? Or maybe the brake dust has oxidized your paint? Bring it to us. We'll give them that new again look.


Painted Wheels:

We will only use the best quality paint on your wheels. All refinished wheels are hand sanded and prepped to make sure we take care of every scratch. They are then painted to match the factory color, clear coated and baked.

Machined Wheels:

Wheels that feature a razor-thin edging across the face of the wheel can be damaged. We use a lathing machine to restore this type of finish. It is then covered with a clear coat and baked.

Polished Wheels:

We manually polish this type of wheel to bring back that mirror finish.


Does your wheel have more than one finish? No problem everything is done in shop so your wheels get what they need in one place.





Want a custom look? We have a variety of paint colors to choose from. Maybe you want the lip of your wheel red and the center black, no problem just bring your creative ideas to us and we will make it happen.


All of our paint is a high quality wet spray, your wheels are coated, cleared, and baked to ensure the best look and lasting effect to your wheels.



Whether your wheels are already chromed and have chipped or you want your factory wheels chromed we can have it done for you.


All wheels to be chromed are stripped down to bare metal and dipped.


Chrome center caps are also available.


We provide a service to chrome wheels. It is a 6–8-week turnaround, they have to be sent out. If you have chrome plated wheels and your tires seem to be leaking air, you could have corrosion on the wheel between it and your tire. Bring it to us we will check it out, if corrosion is there, we can clean it up for you.

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