How does a wheel get bent, cracked, or scratched?

Pot holes, some reflectors, debris in the road, curbs, accidents. Many things can cause a bent, cracked or scratched wheel. If you feel a vibration while driving there is a chance it could be from a bent or cracked wheel.



Do I need an appointment? 


You do not need an appointment to have a wheel repaired. All repairs take at most 3 days in shop. We do take appointments for tire mount and balance, or tire balance and rotate. Appointments are neccessary when you are planning to leave your car with us during the repair process, this insures we have plenty of space in our shop to keep your vehicle safe.


Why does it take three days at most for repairs?

When you bring your wheel to us it goes in line with the rest of the wheels we have in shop. Meaning the repair time frame on your wheel depends on our work load. Some wheels may be done the same day and some may not be ready until the third day. Wheels that need more than one service done may take closer to the full three days due to the amount of damage. We will call you as soon as your wheel is finished.


Can I have my wheel repaired faster?

We do offer a rush service - which means your wheel would be ready within 24 hours of dropping it off. There is a $40 extra charge to rush your wheel.



How much does it cost?

Wheel repair cost between $125 and $275 per wheel, depending on wheel size and damage. Typically the repair cost is still less than a new wheel depending on the style, size, and age of the wheel. Factory and aftermarket wheels can cost anywhere from $100 to over $1000 per wheel and are not always available for replacement.



Why don't you spot repair?

It's a more professional look to paint the whole wheel. When you spot paint a wheel you are more than likely going to notice where it was repaired.


What do you mean by Tire Mount and Balance?

Your tire is taken off for all repairs. Tire Mounting is when we put the tire back on to the wheel, then we Balance your tire to your wheel.


What is your guarantee?

We guarantee that your wheel is straight and holding air when it leaves our shop. The wheel can be re-bent or cracked just as it was before, in the same way that it was damaged before, by hitting something. If you do have any problems with your wheel after leaving our shop don't hesitate to bring it back or give us a call and we will recheck your wheel. We do before and after print outs on wheels showing the roundness of your wheel when it is dropped off to us and when the repairs are finished.

Our paint has a one year warranty on paint defects (see warranty details).